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Friday, July 20, 2018


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Sometimes I ask my self if truly our anioma daughter Hon. Joan mrakpor onyemaechi deserves a second chance in this coming election (2019) ?
They is a saying that " if someone fails in a class he/she should be allowed to repeat the class and improved his/her performance" but at the same time "person when full time no reach, giving out extra time is just a waste of time.

Anioma house of rep

Joan mrakpor is a woman I respected from day one of her in Nigeria politics,
Flashback to 2007 anioma gave her their full votes especially ubulu-uku indigenes , and because of that her victory was sure, I know my vote was counted . 
After making research about the projects she attracted to anioma I see no reason to condemn her and also a worth doing is a worth doing well.

Development was the main key that made us to voted for her.
I remember ubulu-uku not having general hospital before then, now that hospital have saved many lives and expenses. Many projects was done during her tenure as delta state house of assembly, I can remember the road leading from from market junction to ubulu-unor , akpama road crossing to the royal palace, building of women development center located at abuedo farm road, this acquisition center functioned for like two years and that was the end, and many more.
Though, some of this projects might not be from her but it was during her tenure.

Her true character from day one -  she is a woman who believes in justice, a fighter for  the people in the upper chamber.
But being aggressive is another name for her, as a woman you have to be loyal to your elders at all time ,looking down on people of low class is not something to praise on.

She is a slapper ,permit me to use that word, if you know Joan mrapkor very well you will admits this piece as being true, I have witness her slapping people in public both elders and young, just imagine, they is no way I can ever vote for someone that slapped me or my Father not even private but public. 

Joan mrapkor is a friend to the royal house - she have contributed a lot in many royal palace here in anioma .
 The augments on if amechi have performed well or not are clearly indication that our anioma woman has issues with the people's key performance index.
To rate a politician should be by his/her performances and not personal interest or emotions. When a politician performs well, its always clear to the general masses ,even if you are blind at least you can feel it.

Many of her projects are not functioning well, maybe mismanagement which is not an excuse. Politicians these days don't deliver on their promises, they make the promise during  campaign themselves no body forces them yet after election noting to show up, mrapkor is not an exceptional. And this point is really killing anioma gradually and I think this most stop.

For years that she have being into politics many projects have been done and lots more are under construction. After a watchful investigation I came up with some list of her projects,

Ubulu-uku market

Comprehensive Health Centre Issele-Uku, fully equipped.

Comprehensive Health Centre Idumuje-Ugboko, fully equipped.

 Portable Water Project, completed in Ezi.

Computer Training Centre, Onicha Olona.

Comprehensive Health Centre Issele-Mkpitime, fully equipped.

Portable Water Project located at Kwale Junction Ogwashi-Uku.

Comprehensive Health Centre Ogwashi-Uku, fully equipped.

Seven classroom blocks in Ogwashi-Uku, fully equipped.

 Portable Water Project located at Kwale Junction Ogwashi-Uku (ongoing).

 Rehabilitation of Ubulu Primary School Ubulu-Uku.

Garri Processing Factory Ejeme, fully equipped with equipment that completes

 processing of cassava, as it peels, grinds and Fries.

Garri Processing Factory Ubulu-Uku, fully equipped with equipment that

 completes processing of cassava, as it peels, grinds and fries.

Comprehensive Health Centre Nsukwa, fully equipped.

 Bio-Resource Research And Development Centre Ubulu-Uku (Ongoing).

 Tarring of Idumu-Osigbudu Road, Ubulu-Uku.

Osadennis Computer Building, Asaba, equipped with with 30 PCs of Computer.
 Comprehensive Health Centre Eku, fully equipped.

Cottage Hospital and Mortuary Bonsac, New Asaba, fully equipped.

Two (2) 500KVA transformers, installed in Asaba.

Mini grid in Asaba, Comprehensive.

Source of the above is from Arise-Africa

Though many things is needed and expected to be done before her ternue ends,

Things like :

Ubulu-unor road construction.

Onicha- uku road construction

Constant electricity at ubulu-uku and some neighboring villages.

Who knows she might not be aware of these. It's now left for us (anioma as a whole) to organized a conference meeting , whereby the people can hear from their representatives and also ask some questions . with these she will know the mind of the people.

One thing about aniomas are that they are always carried away with enjoyment any time this kind of meeting is been held, once we see food and drinks ahh.  Sharing a bowl of rice and salt during campaign is the thing of past, we have to wake up.

Joan mrakpor households

Please don't ask me who you should vote for, read the above article very well, make your own research, ask questions then compare Joan mrapkor's administration with the past ones , by now you will know who to vote for.

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