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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Doris Uboh's Past Mistakes Led To His Present Failures

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Doris uboh, house of senate
As the 2019 election is fast approaching, our work is to put an eye in every aspirant that shows interest to serve the people in different arms of the government. Today we are going to look upon our sister/past leader in the person of Hon. DORIS UBOH


She was born on the 16th June 1964 to the family of UBOH  in EKUKU-AGBOR IKA SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF DELTA STATE, she had her early education at corona school yaba, lagos and her secondary school at ekuku agbor grammar school, ekuku agbor in delta-state . higher education took her to united state of America where she acquired her first degree in electrical engineering in new York institute of technology.

Doris uboh crime


Since 2015 she been active in delta state political arena , she was in the house of rep. 2017-2011 under  PDP representing ika federal constituency of delta state.


UNABLE TO DELIVER - during her tenure back in 2017-2011 as house of rep. She failed  to attract few/non development to the people of ika, this is the primary reason the general masses voted for her, because as the full daughter of the soil (ika) the people believed in her and expected her to do what others have not been able to do. In her home town ekuku-agbor ,no development ,it was the same before and after her tenure. This reasons is enough to make the people of ekuku agbor and even her family turn their back on her.

SHE HAD A FRAUD CASE -  A usa court ones convicted his brother George UBOH on a credit card fraud charge , after much investigation Doris's name was found on number 7 of the indictment list, and was charge on that. The case lasted for 1992 to 1998 and was later reopen on 1999 but by this time Doris UBOH had fled back to Nigeria.

A FIGHT OF SHAME IN RED CHAMBER - let us not forget how she fought in red chamber with some other member like dino malaye  on June 23 2010 , the fight was a big one with at least one member injured, after the fight she and other members were suspended from the house.
This can not only spoiled her reputation but also can also make people to turn against her, one of the research we made , we found out that many people from her town were against her . some said if she go back to the chamber she will still fight. 


firstly she was in PDP, people Democratic party made her first election successful, even in the primary, she was not voted for but she later find her way as the PDP flag bearer through the back door.  You and I know that delta state is a PDP state back then and that gave her the opportunity,  now she is contesting under the the platform of APC , though APC is now a  major political party in delta , this won't add any merit to her because of the situations in the country caused by the present government under APC, voting for any APC member is a no go area for many deltans and this will negatively affect her forth coming election.

This is a lesson to all politicians, when you have the opportunity to represent the people, always try to do you best.

See some comment reactions from the people in her constituency below 

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