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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Ekiti State Election Was Not Free And Fair -ossai Ovie

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Okowa pa

The personal Assistant to the delta state governor, ossai ovie success reacted to the ekiti state governorship election after inec announced Fayemi the winner and  the governor of ekiti state.

 ossai ovie couldn't believe the report inec released, he said in his social media page :

So INEC Will Finally Declare Fayemi As Winner of Ekiti State Governorship Election.
The election I must confess wasn't free and fair .
Well That is Ekiti, Come 2019..Delta State, Rivers State, Bayelsa State, Akwa Ibom State, these States are no go area for APC.

He also posted the results realized by inec

1. Ilejemeje LG APC-4,156 PDP-3,937
2. Irepodun/Ifelodun LG APC-13,869 PDP-11,456
3. Ido OSI LG APC-12,342 PDP-11,145
4. Oye LG APC-14,995 PDP-11,071
5. Efon Alaye LG APC-5,028 PDP-5,192
6. Moba LG APC- 11,837 PDP- 8,520
7. Ijero LG APC-14,192 PDP-11,077
8. Gboyin APC – 11,498 PDP- 8,027
9. Emure LG APC – 7,048 PDP- 7,121
10. Ikere LG APC- 11,515 PDP- 17,183 11. Ekiti West LG APC- 12,648 PDP- 10,137
12. Ikole LG APC- 14,522 PDP- 13,961 13. Ise/Orun LG APC- 11,908 PDP- 6,297
14. Ekiti East APC- 12,778 PDP- 11,564
15. Ekiti Southwest LG APC- 11,015 PDP- 8,423
16. Ado LG APC- 28,111 PDP- 32,810 Total votes APC- 197,462 winner PDP- 177,927

Ekiti state , inec ekiti state , fayemi declared winner 2018

Meanwhile everybody expected pdp to win but fayose failed.
He failed to campaign for pdp aspirant as much as he can , not every ekiti citizens knows the name of the aspirant unlike fayemi the APC flag bearer

Ossai ovie's reaction did not pleased some of his followers and lots of them came for him.

See screenshot below.

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