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Monday, August 13, 2018

Ika 2019 - Eugene Azuka Uzum steps down from DTHA race

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It was a shocking news and at the same time nice gesture as Eugene azuka uzum announces his stepping down from delta state house of assembly race 2019.

Ika 2019 - Eugene Azuka  Uzum steps down from DTHA race

earlier today Eugene uzum took to his Facebook handle to announce the stepping down from delta state house of assembly race, according to him his stepping down was to support the incumbent.
Uzum is a man of integrity, who wanted to improve the his constituency by stepping itho the chamber, he always wish good for the people of ika north east and have been a loyal and supportive member of pdp.
we learnt that the party pdp a okowa where behind his stepping down, as the primary election is fast approaching all pdp party delegates where advice to vote for only popular aspirant so as to make it easier for the people to vote during the general election comes 2019.
many hon. and political holders  including the governor of delta state okowa  commended him for giving a listen ear to advice giving to him by the party .
he's stepping down was to support hon. Antony Elekeokwuri who is already in the chamber planing to return 2019.

see Eugene uzum full statement below:

My aspiration into Delta State House of Assembly was driven by service and the quest to improve beyond where we are. From the beginning, the capacity was not in question. I know I have the drive to make improvements at the House of Assembly. As a lawyer, I noticed the gaps and the drive to fill the blank spaces was my aspiration. 

Today, I've stepped down to support the incumbent. I still have the conviction that Uzumnism is the man but that may not be politically correct. As a party man I strictly abide by the dictates of my party, the PDP. The peculiarity of Ika North East or the LGA of the Governor speaks volume. We must set the pace that none should antagonise his Excellency or over rule the party. I am very much aware of my strong followership across the social and conventional media. However, leadership is also about ones ability to respect the ropes when the need arises. I appeal to my able supporters across the state to join hands and support the incumbent and all PDP candidates as we maintain absolute loyalty. I am grateful to those that supported me genuinely. God will bless you all. I deeply appreciate those that didn't support me, thanks for showing loyalty to what you believed. 

 For those that stood on the fence, Uzumnism in the day and mischief at night... It's sad but I advise you change your ways as honour and dignity is priceless. Those that took my aspiration with sarcasm, mockery and antagonised a legitimate quest, I've stepped down maybe we can pretend to be allies, but again we know better. Special thanks to the following organisations that I am privileged to either be the founder or co convener: The village square group. Delta treaty coalition. Okowaonline coalition. Uzumnism 2019 group. Zum Zum movement 2019. Movement for the survival of Otolokpo people. Edo State University Law class 1997. DDC Old Students Asso warri. I will not stop without mentioning three Men who have never seen me but believed very strongly in my capacity: Mr John Akugbe in Germany, Mr Sam Ikem in America and Tonna Okei in America as well. God bless you all abundantly. God bless Gov Okowa. God bless Delta state. God bless Ika North-East.

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